Motivation Words

gatau dah gua mau posting apaan.. bingung hati lagi galau.. pikiran lagi error! #curhat! hahaha yaudah gua mending posting kata2 mutiara ajaya! buat lo, mungkin bisa di jadiin motivasi nih!


  1. Positive thinking right?!
  2. Don't make everything in this world so difficult to understand!
  3. Qoutes is wise, thats why i love qoutes
  4. I hope my life now, is better than yesterday, and tommorow i hope will be the best than previous days
  5. Said good bye to my past! and say WELCOME! to my future
  6. Don't look someone from her/his physical, because physical may be can trick our eyes
  7. If i can control this world, i will fill this world with happiness :)
  8. Let your self free and enjoy this life
  9. Something about love thats breaks your heart wooaaah sets you free :))
  10. Don't be so depress in this life! just enjoy this life! like in this world theres only you you and you
  11. Do not connect the past with the present situation
  12. Past experience only to be passed,not to be remember!
  13. We must move on for my future! and dont give up because the past
  14. Only with the strong desire, all of that can be conquered!
  15. Just be thankful for what you have! because it is the best thing who given from god to you
  16. The past is painful! but we must forget it for our future
  17. Don't make everything in this world so difficult to understand!


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