Senin, 12 Oktober 2015

My 2015

Haloooo guys! long time no see any posts n this blogger, im soo soo sorry brah, cause now i'm buzy in my university! YAPPP now i'm a collage students, so i'm veryvery busy with my work, paper and etc. now i just want to share to you about what happened in my 2015. This year, this 2015 is very unpredictable year, unhappy year, saddest year, and shittest year ever. even theres some happiness inside it, but stil... yes its shittest year ever for me.

i dont know why, maybe now i'm so farfar away from god, feel so sinful, and unthankful person, maybe because of that, god give me this. I want to change, but its like so difficult to do that.

Now im a collage student. university is sucks, the people, the lecturer, the lesson, everything is sucks! you know what? i just lost my action camera on 10 september 2015, and it just like 1 weeks i had it, and then it just lost in gas station, for god sake i hate those situation. AND it wasnt over there, like 2 weeks later, i lost my motorcycle near basketball court in my campus, MAN! GODDAMNIT! THATS MY FUCKIN 15MILLION MOTORCYCLE DUDE! and it wasnt a credit motorcycle, i buy it CASH MAN CASH, its like you just laughing at that time, didnt believe what happened to you.

and you know what again, my boyfriend is sucks too! he is like didnt care of me, didnt care about what i feel, like he is too busy with his work collage and etc. i dont know what i have to do now, maybe i want to apologize to allah deeply, pray again, fasting again, and say so many sorry to Allah. wish me luck. i dont want shits happens to me again.

fuck all of thats stuffs, collage, paper, homework, friends, boyfriends, fuck them all. i trust no one. everyone just like rubbish.

okay thankyou for your kindly patient about this post, my grammar is really really bad, and its sbout 3.00 am now in indonesia, and i just bored with this, so i decided to write this shitty post. THANKYOU PALS, I LOVE MY MOTHER!

Kamis, 18 September 2014

Gimana cara buat akun google

pertama tama kalian klik sign up dulu yaaaa di google
setelah itu kalian isi data diri kalian di kolom yang sudah disediakan, setelah semuanya selsai kalian centang yg ada tulisan i agreenya yaaa, terus kalian klik next steps.

nah nanti setelah itu akan diberi tau kalau sudah jadi terus continue to gmail deh

mudah kaaaan selamat mencoba ^^