Just an Opinion

Ola reader! i'm glad to post another text again here, ummmm but i'm wanna apologize before guys, because, in this post there are no humor like in my other post before :( i just wanna tell u what i feel now.

Now i feel so mad, sad, and mostly mix. How can u receive that treat! from people which you can say "trusted people", talk about you from behind, and slowly stay away from you. In this world, each person have their own bussines right?, their each importence, are not necessarily you can't understand. You don't have to judge them, "oooh he is not trusted" "he betray us" NO! not because u can and he doesn't, you think like a child. Do you think, who are u?! GOD? NO WAY!, HEY GUYS EVERYBODY HAS THEIR OWN BUSSINES, can u think with your brain hah?. Dont act like u know and can do everything!, everybody has their limits, you just need to hear too much than talk too much, its why god give us 2 ears and one mouth!. You're now grow older,you should think like an adult, think with your brain, feel it with your heart,before you judge on me or them!.

Before, i can stay calm, but now i think this is already too much! i dont know what i must do, if i told them, i've difinitely shunned. Now i think, shut my mouth up is the best way for my problem. I really really need to talk to someone in those ".." in order to fixed this problem. But, no one that i can trusted. But again, i'm veryveryvery thankful to god! THANKYOU GOD! beacuse till now i can told this to my mom, bestfriend, and write in this blog.

Mmmm Okay, maybe i think this is far enough, about message that u can learn is "Not because you can and he doesnt, he betray or doesnt care on you, because every one has their importance that u cant understand" and "Dont judge people by his cover or his little bad attitude".


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